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At Farrelly Financial we are committed to sourcing the best possible financial solutions to all your financial needs. We aim to ensure that your money is put to best use through good times and bad. Contingency planning is an important part of your financial healthcare. How would your family cope in the event of you being unable to work due to ill health or worse in the event of your death?

At Farrelly Financial we conduct a detailed factfind on all our customers to ensure a financial soft landing in the event of such occurrences. Protection like everything does come with a price but a small price to pay for peace of mind, premiums for life assurance start from as little as €15 per month and tax relief is available on certain protection products.

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Life Assurance

Life Assurance cover provides you with the peace of mind that on your death a specified lumpsum would be paid to ensure the ongoing financial wellbeing of your dependants.

As with most financial products there is a strong correlation between need and lifestage, at Farrelly Financial we are committed to regularly reviewing all aspects of your financial health to ensure it is adapted to your lifestage needs.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection ensures your mortgage is taken care of upon your death, cover is easy to arrange and because we deal with multiple life companies we can find the most competitive rates for you.

Serious Illness & Permanent Health Cover (PHI)

With so many protection products on the market that on the face of it seem to offer the same thing it gets confusing as to which is best for you. The table below outlines the key differences between Serious Ilness Cover & Permanent Health Insurance. We can talk you through the rest in plain english. Contact Us...

 PHISerious Illness Cover
BenefitAn incomeA lumpsum
Is benefit taxable?Yes, liable to income taxNo personal tax liability
When is benefit payable?On of earned income due to inability to follow own occupation or any other occupation due to illness or disability lasting longer than a deferred period, usually 26 weeks. All illnesses and sickness covered apart from specific exclusions. Must meet ongoing test for continued payments.No loss of income test or requirement to be unable to work for most illnesses. Payable on medical diagnosis of specific illness covered by policy. However permanent total disability benefit does require an inability to work. Benefit payment subject to once-off test only.
Cover ceases?Usually 60 or 65Most illness throughout life. Permanent Total Disability cover may cease at 60/65
Tax relief on premiums?Yes, up to 10% of incomeNo

Tar éis a thuigtear gach beart.
It is easy to be wise after the event.

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